All About Harrie's ....

Harrie's an independent, ethical, Sussex-based coffee and coffee machine supplier for discerning cafes, delis, businesses and coffee lovers in general.

Our coffee is a fully washed Fairtrade Colombian 100% Arabica blend. It's a versatile deliciously smooth, medium-bodied and easy-drinking coffee with a nutty finish.

At Harrie's we believe that all conversations should happen over a great coffee. how often do you say, "let's get together for a coffee"?  We embrace the concept of getting together for Fika - the Swedish art of coffee and cake - and we bring that to you in a number of ways...

Coffee to your door desk with mug

Networking groups for SMEs with coffee, breakout rooms and LinkedIn posting parties to seriously  grow your contacts, in and beyond the room!

Hospitality Boxes - coffee and tasty snacks delivered to delegates to enable a more joined up experience - we can also facilitate breakout spaces for those great interactions that happen over coffee!

We also sell coffee machines - for small offices through to to large, to co-working space to setting up a mobile coffee bar!!!  


Coffee Podcast photo with dog
And lastly - listen to our PODCAST - "Unfiltered - Coffee and Conversation".... inspiring chats with inspiring entrepreneurs - over a good coffee of course!

    What is it about Harrie's Coffee and hats?

    A selection of Harrie's Coffee hats

    What's the hat to do with coffee you might ask. Well - you can't spend 6 years outside a train station in all weathers to provide coffee and breakfast to the commuters of Arundel, without the need of a hat!  What started out as a matter of need for Harrie's Coffee owner Heather, has now become an obsession and something for which she is widely known. That's how Harrie's Coffee and hats became the double-act that has since become our logo. If there's no hat, it's not Harrie's Coffee!

    About Harrie's Coffee founder Heather Barrie

    Passionate about quality, ethics and customer service, Harrie's Coffee founder Heather Barrie  has been awarded a number of business awards:

    WINNER: Observer & Gazette Business Awards 2016: Business Personality of the Year
    SEMI FINALIST: Venus Awards - Portsmouth 2016: Outstanding Customer Service
    WINNER: Observer & Gazette Business Awards 2015: Judge's Recognition for Customer Service
    RUNNER-UP: Arun Business Partnership Awards 2015: Business Personality of the Year

      Heather started her business bringing healthy breakfast to people working locally to her base in Chichester.  She found a small local coffee supplier and was soon on the road in her crazy French van and trading as Harrie’s Food. By 2011 she loved the coffee so much, she bought out her supplier and made the delicious Fairtrade coffee her own – Harrie’s Coffee.

      Harries hat photo with bags of coffee