Harrie's Coffee is an ideal and versatile coffee to drink at home

Harrie’s Coffee is a fully washed Colombian 100% Arabica blend – this is a deliciously smooth, medium-bodied and easy-drinking coffee with a nutty finish.  As an all day drinking coffee, Harrie’s Coffee is ideal for use at home.

You can order Harrie's coffee online right here. You can chose between beans or freshly ground. If you are a coffee nerd like we are, you probably have your own coffee grinder at home.  That way you can grind your fresh beans to suit your cafetiere, airopress, traditional filter or your espresso machine.

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Here are some helpful videos and other information to help you make the most of your Harrie's Coffee purchase!

Recipe - Harrie's Accidental Banoffee Muffins

Harries Accidental Banoffee Muffins

We recently discovered ground linseed as an excellent addition to create a nutty flavour when baking muffins (never mind the health benefits of linseed or flaxseed). An easy way to grind it, is using a coffee grinder after removing any remaining beans unless... you forget and grind your linseed with a few stray beans. The flavour was absolutely delicious. Interested in the recipe? Download it here.