Returning to the office is all about confidence, so sharing the confines of a kitchen, the kettle or touching the buttons on your coffee machine are not seen as #covidsafe practices – but leaving the office to stand in a queue at a coffee bar is also time consuming and open to further exposure! 

We have the perfect solution – all of our Swiss-built bean to cup coffee machines can operate with J.O.E.  – the Jura Operating Experience – enabling anyone in the office to create their favourite coffee from their phone!!!

This technology is already in place and we’re keen to enable you to serve the best to you and your team.  I can do a remote presentation of how JOE works and we can have you up and running quickly – our delicious coffee is still being roasted and is delivered next working day!

Why serve Harrie's Coffee?

There are a number of reasons why people chose to drink a particular coffee: convenience, price, customer service, ambiance, location and of course taste!  It obviously isn't only the taste - but having run our own cafe for 8 years, we know that taste (and consistency of taste) is one of the key factors that brings people back time and again. It's the bit that people tell their friends about - we had a great coffee at ...... They also tell their friends where they had a lousy coffee!

The same goes for businesses – serving great coffee to clients and customers adds to the image and can also be a perk for staff. Serving bad coffee gives off the message that you don’t care.

Our coffee and our new range of barista-style coffee machines can help you to attract and retain customers, staff (and friends)!

A barista produced cup of coffee with coffee beans


Harrie’s Coffee is a fully washed Colombian 100% Arabica blend – this is a deliciously smooth, medium-bodied and easy-drinking coffee with a nutty finish. 
As an all day drinking coffee, Harrie’s Coffee is ideal for use at home, at work or in any catering establishment. 

We supply beans for catering espresso machines and domestic use, and ground coffee, which is ideal for cafetieres, filter machines and percolators. 

As an ethically focused company, all our coffee is Fairtrade to ensure that our growers are fairly compensated for providing us with such a delicious bean!

We also offer Fairtrade decaf coffee as beans or ground – not our own brand but one that we carefully selected because it tastes just as full-bodied as our regular brew.

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Love Harries Coffee.. Great support to business from picking the right machine plus the through life support; that's the bit that really separates it from anyone else! Also had fantastic advice from the Heather on how best to set up for a sustainable travelling coffee business. Really first class! - Nick Horne - 5 stars 
We had Harrie’s Coffee when we stayed at East Walls hotel in Chichester. The coffee and the hotel were amazing. Harrie’s is def my favourite coffee now! - Karen Booker – 5 stars