Pod Vs Bean-to-Cup Coffee in the Workplace

So, you want a new coffee machine for your small office. Your team love a great coffee but don’t want to pay high street prices. You’re a bit annoyed at the time it takes your team to stand in a queue at your local high street chain. You like to encourage people to take a bit of time away from their desks to connect and collaborate, and you know great coffee can facilitate this – so it’s time to bring it inhouse. 

The team all want a coffee machine and everyone’s first thought is to go for to a Nespresso machine… well we’re totally pro bean-to-cup machines at Harries Coffee and we’ve never been a fan of the pod machines (although the lovely colours of the pods are a bit of a draw!) … so we thought that an insight into the differences might help inform your decision…

  1. As mentioned above, Nespresso is a well-known brand and is seen by many as the only way to get a “real” coffee quickly… it isn’t! Jura, the Swiss Bean-to-Cup experts, have been making appliances since the 1930s, and have been the brand leader in bean to cup machines since the 80s – and now it’s all that they do!
  2. Nespresso is designed and built for the domestic market… Jura do both domestic and commercial machines – in an office, build quality and speed are priorities – both of which Jura trump Nespresso at.
  3. Commercial bean-to-cup machines are built for speed of use and for being ready immediately for the next cuppa!
  4. Nespresso pods might give you a variety of coffees but they are not freshly ground – only a bean to cup machine will grind the coffee beans for each cup – freshly – just as you make it!
  5. A bean-to-cup machine can create the full range of your coffee shop favourites, so everyone can be fussy! They do all the different styles of milk frothing, no experience required!
  6.  No matter that some pods can be recycled, most of them aren’t and every time you use a pod machine, it creates a huge environmental paw print!
  7. Domestic grade Nespresso machines seldom create a cuppa that is the correct temperature!
  8. You can alter the strength of your coffee as your bean-to-cup machine is making it, thus creating a coffee that suits your tastes every time!
  9. Roger Federer is our brand ambassador!
  10. And finally – you can use the waste coffee grounds from your bean-to-cup machine to feed your roses and your veg patch!!

So – what are the cost differences……

Admittedly, a bean-to-cup machine is more expensive to buy than a Nespresso machine. But, if any of the above issues are important to you, then you need to consider them together with the fact that if your team of 5 has 2 coffees a day, then you’ll spend £2 more on your pod coffee every day…. That’s around £500 extra a year! Suddenly that bean-to-cup machine isn’t quite so expensive! And you get all those other benefits too!

If this resonates with you, do not hesitate to contact us for a tasting via phone on: 07715 003 552, or visit our website at: http://www.harries-coffee.com/