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Harrie's Coffee - Latest News

Standing up for small businesses yielded an award!

Heather Barrie aka 'The Coffee Lady' and proud owner of Harrie's Coffee has received special recognition award in the Business Personality category of the Chichester Observer and Gazette Business Awards. The judges commended her for being such an effective spokesperson for the Sussex business community suffering from the Southern Railway strikes. Over the course of the last year, Heather had been on BBC Radio and TV, including the Victoria Derbyshire Show, talking about the financial havoc the rail strikes cause for many businesses in Sussex.  Well deserved Heather! #regularontheBBC

Serving Harrie's Coffee at Aesthetics 2017

Heather Barrie was serving freshly brewed Harrie's Coffee in the break-out space with Enhance Insurance at this year's Aesthetics Exhibition at London's Business Design Centre. The conference is the UK’s leading medical aesthetics educational event, so keeping perky and awake is key and Harrie's just has what it takes to keep the delegates sustained. So much so that several clinics are considering installing one of our fabulous JURA coffee machines in their premises.

Happy JURA coffee machine customers

Over the last few months Harrie's Coffee has installed a number of fabulous JURA coffee machines in businesses, shared workspaces and community spaces. Recent customers include Kiwi Recruitment, Glance - mobile app developers and the Fernhurst Community Centre.

The JURA WE8 currently seems a favourite with our customers. Ideal if you are pouring 30 to 50 cups a day. Lease purchase starting from as little as £78 per month. Get in touch if you are interested.

Generate additional income with self-service coffee towers

Good news for sports clubs, waiting rooms, leisure centres, convenience stores, etc - here is how you can generate additional income and enhance the attractiveness of your premises. Could you sell more than 20 cups of coffee per day? If the answer is yes, you could earn money by installing a self-service coffee tower? Use our fabulous calculator to find out how much money you could make per month. We have a range of designs and models available. Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

Now bringing JURA coffee machines to your business

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with JURA, the makers of beautiful high quality Swiss coffee machines to bring our delicious, Fairtrade coffee to your office or sales room. More than just making a tasty real coffee – these machines can also be an asset to enhance productivity, impress your clients, reduce your environmental impact or even earn your business money. JURA offers an amazing range of machines and accessories to fit every need - from micro-business to sales rooms and large teams.

Tasty joint-venture with Miss Millar's Marshmallows

Miss Millar's delicious hand-made marshmallows have absolutely nothing in common with the white and pink stuff you buy in bags in the supermarket. Once you tasted them, you'll know what we're talking about. Now imagine dark chocolate infused with Harrie's Coffee and worked into Miss Millar's marshmallows. The result is the irresistible Mocha-Choca Chunk - a 'must try' and a great sweet thing to go with your coffee.