Fairtrade Beans & JURA Machines

JURA - state-of-the-art coffee makers

Founded in 1931, the Swiss company JURA has been a pioneer in the field of automatic espresso/coffee machines since the 1980s. Renowned for engineering excellence, design perfection and consistent performance, JURA is the name to trust in the coffee industry.

Six good reasons bring high quality bean to cup coffee in-house

Market research and our very own recent survey highlight the key reasons why businesses are deciding to invest into high-quality in-house coffee machines.

Our workplaces are changing and we now spend more time working in coffee shops and co-working hubs - surely a distracting place to work. Research shows that employers who want to improve collaboration and productivity need to embrace the characteristics of these environments. Barista-style coffee in-house is a start with many advantages.

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Bring barista-style coffee to your office

You don't need to walk to the High Street for a good coffee. With a Swiss made JURA bean to cup coffee machine you, your employees and customers can enjoy a perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte, in the comfort of your office. All this at the touch of a button and a fraction of the price.

Why use a JURA coffee machine in your office?

  • A fraction of the cost of high street coffee
  • Quality & stylish machines, built to last
  • Machine types to suit all office sizes
  • Leasing options available

Save up to £5,850 a year

Based on the cost of 10 cups of coffee a day - look at the savings that you can make over buying in the high street or using planet damaging pods!

The number one choice for catering professionals

Every catering professional knows that a JURA coffee machine is reliable, innovative, perform every time and truly look the part. Thanks to their unique automatic coffee machine technology, JURA’s beautifully designed and highly functional coffee makers are the number one choice for any bar, cafe, hotel or restaurant across the world.